Paris With Kids Guidebook

Paris With Kids Guidebook


With one download, all your vacation planning is DONE.

Booking List: A checklist with links to everything that requires advance reservations. The only page to read before your trip!

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Find and snap silly pictures with hidden gems across Paris. Upload them to social media and tag #wegotglobetrotting !

Airport Guide: How to get to and from the airport without accidentally spending your kid's college tuition.

Transit Guide: From the Metro to UBER to Velib, your guide to how to get around the City of Light. Also includes pros and cons to bringing a stroller versus baby backpack!

Detailed Itineraries: 7 days in Paris, presented in a fun way to engage both kids and parents. Includes handy playgrounds, Metro stops, and tried and tested tips from travel parents to help you gain confidence as you see the world with your little ones!

Where to Stay: Vetted Airbnbs, hotels and VRBOs in the best neighborhoods for families.

Prep List: Fun books and movies to get you and your kids pumped for your trip.

Budget Snapshot: Estimated total cost of food and activities per person, per day. Excellent for convincing your spouse you actually CAN afford this trip.

Home Exchange: Bonus Guide to Traveling the World for FREE!

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