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The Eiffel Tower at Sunrise


After we got to our hotel from the flight, we all fell asleep right away, which means we woke up at 4 and were ready to go!

We decided on a walk to the Eiffel Tower, just for the heck of it. We bundled everyone up and away we went. It was so romantic walking along the Seine with nobody else there!

Outfit selfie. Alex mocking me.

Outfit selfie. Alex mocking me.

We were looking for food the whole time but nothing was open! We were starting to get desperate when we finally found a boulangerie near the Eiffel Tower. We ordered and waited and waited and waited. The food took forever! Finally, we just canceled our order and moved on. I felt bad, but Lorenzo was done. The next thing we did was admire the sunrise over the Eiffel Tower. This was an experience I won't soon forget! We were in shadow still as the Eiffel Tower lit up with the sunrise.


After we got our fill of Eiffel Tower pictures, we filled up on croissants for us and Pom Potes (squeezable baby food) for Lorenzo. We hopped on bus #69 and took a driving tour of the city. Unfortunately it was still dark so we couldn't see much. We got off at the last stop which was Pere Lachaise cemetery. Alex was apprehensive about touring a cemetery but I talked him into it. What better place to feel dead from jet lag than a cemetery?


It ended up being an OK experience. We were all really tired by this point, so we quit the walking tour after Jim Morrison's grave. We took Lorenzo out for a pack break in a highly trafficked area of the cemetery. He was being absolutely hilarious. Every time someone walked by he would give a little fake cough and then light them up with a huge smile. Probably my highlight of the whole day. He is such a charming baby.

Probably the most hardcore place I've ever breastfed.

Probably the most hardcore place I've ever breastfed.

We went to find food before taking the bus home. It was then that I ate my best Croque Monsieur of the whole trip. It was a double layered Croque with cheese in each layer and cheese on top and bottom of the bread. What really made it excellent was the pepper throughout. Yum.

We got back to our hotel and conked out for a five hour nap. Whoops. When we woke up, I was panicked that we slept half the day away! All we could handle that night was a walk around our neighborhood and dinner at a French restaurant during which Lorenzo looked like this:


We ate in shifts. There were some boys playing soccer outside the restaurant and Lorenzo really enjoyed watching them. The menu was only in French so neither of us had any idea what we ordered. I ended up eating pork with some delicious apple glaze and polenta. Alex got a steak. It was fantastic. I need to take up French cooking. More butter. I think this was the only time we really sat down to eat an actual meal. In retrospect, I wish we had eaten more French food even if we did have to eat in shifts.


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