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Why I Started Get Globetrotting

I thought long and hard about what I wanted my Mombby to be. You know. My Mom Hobby. I wanted to make it something that: supports itself financially, something I can do from home while my baby naps, something creative, but most of all I wanted to do something that MATTERS. Travel matters to me. 

In Milan at 8 months pregnant. Baby's made of gelato, so we gave him an Italian name.

In Milan at 8 months pregnant. Baby's made of gelato, so we gave him an Italian name.

Time and time again I am blown away by how much more affordable travel is getting and continues to get. If you time it right and you know where to look, it's cheaper to travel outside the country than inside it! I'm amazing at finding those deals, if I do say so myself. I want to share that skill with others. 

Travel is more important now than ever. The news makes us think that everything is a disaster all the time. The media trains us to hear certain places as synonymous with DANGEROUS because that's what makes a good news story. Yet when I've gone to these places, I find normal people who are trying to find happiness. We have more in common with others than we think we do. Travel is the cure for ethnocentrism, something that is plaguing America at the moment. 

I have a castle problem.

I have a castle problem.

I want to remove people's barriers to travel. Money constraints? Let me show you a trip that ACTUALLY fits your budget. Too many kids? Travel is the best education there is! Let me show you some countries that offer free things for children. Not enough time to research a foreign destination? Let me do it for you. Can't navigate all the confusing travel websites? That's what I'm here for!

Welcome to Get Globetrotting. I'll help you become an informed, brave world traveller.

I am not a travel agent