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Arrival in Granada

Arrival in Granada


It’s possible to see Granada without a pass. The only thing you REALLY need to pay admission for is The Alhambra. We bought a Granada Pass because there were no tickets left for The Alhambra. The Granada Pass holds slots for last-minute admission. Our Granada Pass covered 10 transit rides, admission to The Alhambra, and admission to many other places including Parque de Ciencias (Science Park) which was a super fun place to spend the day. If you do buy one, you can pick them up from the kiosks denoted at the bus stops. You just enter the number on your pass into the ticket machine and it spits it out.

How To Get Around

Walking: We walked most places, including up to The Alhambra! The tourist center is very walkable and you will catch some gorgeous views if you choose to walk.

Taxi / UBER: Both UBERs and taxis are affordable in this city. Don’t rent a car because it’s illegal to drive many places in the city center.

Public Transit: We used busses every time we wanted to take a break from walking. There are big busses and cute little red tourist busses. They both take the same tickets. The bus system was very clear. If you get confused on where to go, the drivers are very helpful. Bus 32 keeps you from having to climb the hill to The Alhambra!


Granada Airport: This is a smaller airport, but I would HIGHLY recommend flying here if you are coming from Barcelona. The train ride was long. Granada is in a mountainous region, so it is kind of hard to get to. The airport bus is timed to leave when flights arrive. It’s just a few euros and drops you off at The Granada Cathedral. From there, everything is within walking distance.

Madrid Airport: Madrid Airport is a five hour train ride from Seville. It’s a big international airport with lots of flight deals. You’ll take public transit from The Madrid Airport to Atocha Train Station and then a train to Granada’s main train station, which is in the city. Be warned that the Madrid airport security and check-in is SLOW. We nearly missed our flight out of Madrid and we arrived at the airport three hours in advance!

We love Scott’s Cheap Flights for finding killer flight deals! You can also set an alert on Google Flights or use Hopper to track flight prices.

Interactive Map

Here is a map to get you organized and see our list of fun things to do with kids in Granada.

See our Itinerary post to work out your perfect itinerary for your visit.

Granada With Kids: What To Know Before You Go

Granada With Kids: What To Know Before You Go

Downtown Granada Walk With Kids

Downtown Granada Walk With Kids