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Rome With Kids: What To Know Before You Go

Rome With Kids: What To Know Before You Go

Rome With Kids

Rome is so fun with kids! I would say the best age of kid to take here is elementary school kids, especially if they are into mythology. However, there is still plenty to do for toddlers. Our plans favor sites near big open spaces for the younger set. Much of the fun in Rome will depend on you getting advance reservations so that you don’t spend your whole time in line. Follow up each site with a gelato break and everyone will be happy.

Stroller or Baby Backpack?

You could do Rome with a stroller, but you will likely be happier with a baby backpack. Many sites don't allow strollers OR baby backpacks, but the big walking sites (like the Forum) have uneven pavement which makes strollers a challenge.

Where to Stay:

Rome isn’t as expensive as some other European cities. You’ll want to make sure you’re staying near the historical city center. If you can, see if you can work out a home exchange. If not, here are some good Airbnbs that hopefully won’t break the bank!

Book in Advance

Here are the things that require advance booking to avoid lines or selling out. Browse our guides on the activities, decide if your family would be interested, and then book them! A bit of advice: try to avoid booking anything timed for the first few days as you don’t know how jet lag is going to affect your kids and you don’t want to risk missing your reservation.

Books/Movies to Prep For Your Trip


  • The Lizzie McGuire Movie. I blame this movie for my Trevi Fountain obsession. And my obsession with men named Paolo who drive Vespas.

  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (musical).

  • Letters to Juliet. Cheesy rom-com featuring Amanda Seyfried.

  • When in Rome. Another cheesy rom-com this time with Kristen Bell.

  • Roman Holiday: A classic with Audrey Hepburn. Will make you want to rent a Vespa.

  • Gladiator: Not for kids! Also not for some adults.

  • Angels and Demons: Part of the Da Vinci Code series.


  • This is Rome by M. Sasek: Great picture book

  • Tiger Tiger by Lynne Reid Banks: 3rd-5th grade readers will love this one

  • The Thieves of Ostia by Caroline Lawrence: One of a series for middle school age readers.

  • The Orchard Book of Roman Myths by Geraldine McCaughrean: Any book on Roman myths is good for kids.

  • SPQR by Mary Beard: A history of ancient Rome for adults.

Arrival in Rome

Arrival in Rome

The Colosseum With Kids

The Colosseum With Kids