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London With Kids: What To Know Before You Go

London With Kids: What To Know Before You Go

London With Kids

London is a great place to visit with kids! My favorite age of kid to take here are teenagers, but there’s cool stuff for every other age of kid too. If your kid is into Harry Potter, this trip will be so magical to them! There are a ton of kids that live in London. You’ll be able to spot them by their cute little school uniforms. This is a great location for a first international trip with kids because you don’t have to deal with a language barrier.

Stroller or Baby Backpack?

I would say this is a stroller city. You could bring a compact stroller like a City Mini. There are some cobblestones to navigate, but it's not nearly as bad as Paris or Rome. You will be lifting the stroller down some escalators for the tube however.

Where to Stay:

London is notoriously expensive. If you can, see if you can work out a home exchange. If not, here are some good Airbnbs that hopefully won’t break the bank!

Book in Advance

Here are the things that require advance booking to avoid lines or selling out. Browse our guides on the activities, decide if your family would be interested, and then book them! A bit of advice: try to avoid booking anything timed for the first few days as you don’t know how jet lag is going to affect your kids and you don’t want to risk missing your reservation.

Books/Movies to Prep For Your Trip


  • Mary Poppins and Mary Poppins Returns: Features St. Peter's Cathedral during "Feed the Birds" and is also just a fun intro to London

  • Peter Rabbit: Features Harrod's toy section. British humor at its best.

  • Harry Potter series: In order to fully appreciate the movie tour, the kids have to watch the movies! The books are better though.

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Benedict Cumerbatch and the Jude Law version are equally good.

  • Peter Pan. The Disney movie can get kids excited about seeing Big Ben and also The Peter Pan statue!


  • Harry Potter by JK Rowling. The children must learn.

  • The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory: Adults and older teens only. I've read a few histories on Anne Boleyn and this is the best written. It's also a movie, but the movie is disturbing. Actually the real story itself is disturbing.

  • London: A Book of Opposites. Cute board book to prep smaller kids for the trip.

  • The Paddington Books by Micheal Bond

To get yourself further organized, see our itineraries and tips for arrival for this amazing city. We have plans for babies/toddlers, elementary school-age kids, and teens and adults.

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Pfingstegg Alpine Slide: A Swiss Rollercoaster

Arrival in London

Arrival in London