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Arrival in London

Arrival in London


You won’t need any sightseeing passes in London because most of the museums are free! You will however need a Travel Card for the number of days you are in London. The best deal is the 7 day Travel Card for zones 1-2. Buy it from any kiosk where you get tickets. If you get confused, you can always ask a ticket representative. They speak English here!

How To Get Around

Public Transit: Also called "The Tube," this is the way everyone in London gets around. Buy a 7 day Travel Card for zones 1-2 and that should cover most of your sightseeing. You'll have to buy an extra pass to get to the airport, Hampton Court, and The Harry Potter Studio Tour. The Tube is really easy to use and it will make you wish there was a tube where you live!

UBER/taxis: Steer clear of UBERs and taxis in London unless you're made of money. Remember, they drive on the opposite side of the road! Good to know when you're getting in one.

Double-Decker Busses: This is my favorite way to navigate London. Your Travel Card also works on these fantastic busses. There's no reason to buy a tourist hop-on-hop-off bus pass. My favorite seat is top front above the driver leaning on the window.


LHR or London Heathrow: The easiest and cheapest (but not fastest!) way to get to London is using the Tube. Heathrow is on the Piccadilly line. If you are using a Travel Card while you're here, buy it at the airport for zones 1-2 and just pay the extra for a one-time journey from zone 6 (where the airport is). Other options: bus, private shuttle, or taxi/UBER.

LGW or London Gatwick: This airport is a bit further away. The best way to get to Central London is to use their train service which is about 16 pounds. It drops you off at St. Pancras and from there you can take the tube to your apartment.

We love Scott’s Cheap Flights for finding killer flight deals! You can also set an alert on Google Flights or use Hopper to track flight prices.

Interactive Map

Here is a map to get you organized and see our list of fun things to do with kids in this city. You’ll notice all the Harry Potter locations are denoted with a yellow lightening icon.

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