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Arrival in The Swiss Alps

Arrival in The Swiss Alps


We really enjoyed having a car in The Swiss Alps, but if that doesn’t work out for your budget, I would highly recommend getting a rail pass. A three day pass is CHF 208, but the good news is that kids are free! Best to buy it ahead of time.

How To Get Around

Car: Hiking and getting around in the Swiss Alps is exhausting. It was so great to be able to pile everyone in the car at the end of a long day and drive back to our little cottage. We rented a car because I couldn’t imagine trying to manage a toddler on public transit at the end of a long hiking day! I also looked and saw that public transit didn’t directly everywhere we wanted to go.

Public Transit: If you do take this option, there is a pretty great train/bus system that links everything. Just be sure that where you are staying is on the public transit route. See above for rail passes.


Zurich: There’s no airport that goes directly to The Swiss Alps. Your best bet is to fly into Zurich and either rent a car or take a few trains to get to this area. We found it best to land in Zurich, get over our jet lag there and explore Zurich, and then we drove to the Swiss Alps a few days later.

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Interactive Map

Here is a map to get you organized and see our list of fun things to do with kids in The Swiss Alps.

See our Itinerary post to work out your perfect itinerary for your visit.

The Swiss Alps With Kids Sample Itinerary

The Swiss Alps With Kids Sample Itinerary