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The Swiss Alps With Kids: What to Know Before You Go

The Swiss Alps With Kids: What to Know Before You Go

The Swiss Alps With Kids

The Swiss Alps and kids just go together. The unparalleled views combined with the mountaintop playgrounds make this a perfect place for a European getaway!

Stroller or Baby Backpack?

This is backpack territory. You’ll miss out on the best views if you aren’t able to hike! We use the Deuter Kid Comfort. It’s possible to rent hiking backpacks if you don’t want to buy one. If you do bring a stroller, make sure it has BIG wheels! It’s possible to bring a stroller on a few of the less strenuous hikes.

Where to Stay:

The Swiss Alps are notoriously expensive. If you can, see if you can work out a home exchange. If not, here are some good places to stay that hopefully won’t break the bank! We used Grindlewald as a home base. Although it is a bit touristy, when you’ve got kids, touristy means open grocery stores and other conveniences. If you have older kids and less stuff, Gimmelwald might be a good option as well.

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Book in Advance

No need to book anything in advance for The Swiss Alps. You can reserve everything on site.

Books/Movies to Prep For Your Trip


  • The Sound of Music: If you aren’t temped to belt “THE HILLS ARE ALIVE / WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC” at least once during this trip you’re doing it wrong.

  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: There’s an entire museum devoted to this James Bond film at the top of the Schilthorn.

  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith: Alderaan is actually the mountains around the Jungfrau region.

  • Heidi: It’s about a cute little Swiss girl!


To get yourself further organized, see our sample itineraries and tips for arrival for this amazing region.

Plaza De Espana

Plaza De Espana

The Swiss Alps With Kids Sample Itinerary

The Swiss Alps With Kids Sample Itinerary