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Best of Haight Street With Kids

Best of Haight Street With Kids

In the 1960's a group of like-minded individuals settled around Haight Street to create a community based on counterculture ideals, drugs, and music. Soon the ideals they created on this street would spread all over the world. Though the movement eventually declined, a bit of hippie culture lives on here on Haight Street as well as in the heart of every SF native! Do not be surprised if you are offered drugs multiple times during your visit. It’s a good lesson for helping kids start to say no to drugs.

My favorite stores, east to west:

Escape from New York: See that hospital up on the hill? That's UCSF. It's one of the best hospitals in the world and it keeps this pizza place in business. I worked there for two years and this pizza is what every doctor and nurse would order! (1737 Haight St).

Tye-Dye Shop: There's a lady who hands out glitter to anyone entering this store. One time I saw her fill a guy's beard with glitter. They make amazing tye-dye creations so that you can bring a bit of Haight-Ashbury home with you. Tons of kid's stuff. (1400 Haight St).

Mendels: I don't know why, but I love this craft store. It just sums up this area for me. People in SF love costumes and this is a great place to find materials. Go find the hunky firemen fabric in the back of the store. (1556 Haight St).

Haight Street Market: Get the Asiago bagel with cream cheese. I don’t know why they are so soft and delicious but they are. They were my number one pregnancy craving with Lorenzo because we lived just up the street while I was pregnant with him! (1530 Haight St).

Buffalo Exchange/Crossroads: These are thrift shops, but not your normal thrift shops. They sort through what people donate to find the funkiest items. Buy your Haight-Ashbury souvenir here! (1555 Haight St).

Decades of Fashion: Costume shop that sells pieces from every decade. I've found many gems here. (1653 Haight St).

Loved to Death: A very odd store full of dead animals. Something for everyone in San Francisco! (1681 Haight St)

Amoeba Records: Famous musical residents on this street include Janis Joplin and The Grateful Dead. (1855 Haight St).

The Grateful Dead House: I have a sister that's much cooler than me. She showed me this house where the Grateful Dead lived at one point. (710 Ashbury, just up the road from the Haight-Ashbury intersection)

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