Our Story

Raising children and travel have a lot in common. Both are hard work, uncomfortable, exhausting, awe-inspiring, and overwhelming all in the span of about five minutes. Yet each are filled with moments that make them 100% worth it.

Hi! We are Camille, Alex, and Lorenzo. This is our story…


My excitement to become a mother was palpable. I loved college and then working, but I couldn’t WAIT to be a mom. That’s why I was so surprised that when our first baby came along, I found staying home terribly boring. I felt trapped looking out at the homebound years stretching in front of me.


We did a few trips in our baby’s first year and they were fun but expensive. I still felt trapped at home thinking about how our travel budget would shrink as our family grew. We considered following the path of some of the families we saw online, quitting our jobs and selling our home to live a nomadic life. But the reality was neither of our careers were portable and we needed an income to live.

That’s when we did our first home exchange. We began seeing the world for just the cost of the plane fare. I started putting together trips filled with cheap kid-friendly activities in far-flung places. We were doing it; we were seeing the world without spending much more than what we spent at home!


Suddenly I didn’t feel trapped anymore. The years of child-rearing opened up in front of me with visions of showing my kids the Louvre and strolling the night markets of Taiwan. Eventually putting together budget trips for our small family grew into crafting itineraries for our extended family and friends. And that’s how Get Globetrotting was born.


If you’re a family that travels, we want to show you how to save money doing it. If you’re a family that doesn’t travel but would like to, we want to help you reach that goal. If you’re thinking about starting a family someday but are secretly worried it’ll ruin your life, we want to show you it doesn’t have to!

Follow us on our journey to create a life full of purpose, travels, and children. We are choosing to share our family budget travel tips along the way in the hope that we can help other families create the lives they want too!

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Our Mission

To inspire world travelers, one family at a time.


Our Values:

1. Family relationships develop through recreation.
2. Planning ahead allows for frugality while on vacation.
3. Travel kills ethnocentrism and allows for a broader and kinder worldview.
4. Education should be fun.
5. Paying for experiences is more fulfilling than paying for things.


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